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I am completely self taught and have been making unique and personalised cakes for all occasions from home since 2010.

Not many people can say they really love their job, however I can and I do!

I have tried all sorts of creative avenues and finally realised a passion for cake decorating in February 2009 when I made my first memorable cake. It was a Little Einstein's birthday cake for my daughter. I was so pleased with my rather amateur butter cream covered cake, with a handmade glittered fondant rocket set upon the top! I then started baking cupcakes for colleagues at the office, getting more adventurous with each batch, making new decorations, trying new colours and generally having fun! By May I had my first paid order.

In June I made my mum's 50th Birthday cake which I decorated with hand painted shells and little sugar pearls. She loved it so much she couldn't bring herself to cut it for 3 days! The little shells were eventually gently picked off with a knife and stored safely away before cutting the cake. It gave me such a sense of joy to give something to my mum that came solely from me, which I created from scratch.

By the end of 2009, I had made 70 cakes to order, and with each new order came a new feeling of excitement. My mind would start whizzing with ideas. I talked about cakes all the time and just wanted to be home baking. I would sit in the office trying to work but my mind was crafting my next creation. I was hooked! I quit my job and was self employed just 8 short months after making my first paid cake!

I see my customers' joy at being given a cake that they have ordered for someone they love, a cake design that they have chosen which reflects something of that person, a cake that is so personal and I know it's really going to mean so much to the person receiving it, because it is theirs and it has been uniquely made for them, and them alone. I have taught myself everything I know about cakes from books, the internet and some fantastic tips and guidance from a really good friend.

I continue to develop my talent and my business and I am so proud of the work I do. I cannot describe the joy inside me when I show someone their cake for the first time.

I am a newly published author of a fabulous little cupcake book called Party Cupcakes by Shereen van Ballegooyen, this book is for sale in my shop.

2010 was the beginning of a wonderful path for me, when I started working for myself. I count myself as one of the lucky few in this world to be doing something in my life that I am so passionate about and that makes other people so happy. I have had amazing support, belief and encouragement from my husband, my eldest daughter (my best critic!), my youngest daughter (my little helper) my wonderful family and my friends. I wouldn't have got this far without them all.

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